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There’s A Mouse In Our House

The mouse in our house decorated for Christmas!

There was an old vent that served no purpose and I was tired of looking at it. I decided we needed a Mouse Hole. So, using materials we already had,we have a new tenant ! I used a motion sensor light so when you walk near the mouse hole the light comes on. I’m a bad photographer, it’s much cuter in person. You can see other Mouse in Our House Posts Here.

mouse-in-our-house-4 mouse-in-our-house-3 mouse-in-our-house-2 mouse-in-our-house

There’s a Mouse in our House

The Mouse in our House decided to do some remodeling. New wallpaper & carpet just in time for the babies to move in ! They had  a boy and a girl. There’s also a motion sensor light that comes on & can be turned on by remote. I used a Mr. Beams light.They are wireless and battery operated. I love them. It was the perfect solution for this area. You can see what I did to make this area here.mouse in our house1mouse in our house2MOUSE IN OUR HOUSE3MOUSE IN OUR HOUSE4MOUSE IN OUR HOUSE5

Photo Gifts- Home is where our story begins

I made these for my mother in law. The house she grew up in is no longer there.I know that it being gone has made an impact on the family. Not being able to go by anymore and just look at it. I didn’t have a photograph of the home so I went searching & found an old photo on a property tax website and it wasn’t a bad image.Actually the colors in it were awesome. I used a photo editor to enhance it a bit . I had trouble getting the sizing right & almost gave up on the ornament so I made one in a frame. After a couple tries I got the size right & rolled up the photo and slipped it in the ornament. I love the way it turned out. I printed the Home is where our story begins on transparent paper & attached it to the top. I love making meaningful gifts !! It was a hit & there were tears!The idea didn’t come to me until a few days before Christmas. I think it would be a nice gift anytime of year.

Fairy Garden – Gone Camping

My Fairies have gone camping. Who says Fairies don’t play corn hole ? I made a little campfire with a tealight candle and glued some wood together. I created marshmallows out of old pencil erasers. I painted them with glow in the dark paint. They are so cute ! The skewers are made from paper clips. The corn hole boards were scrap wood that I painted & I made the bean bags out of tape.The birds nest is an acorn. The lampost is a dowel rod and a white knob that I painted with glow in the dark paint. It lights up pretty well, but impossible to get a decent picture ! I had these little porcelain round thingys I painted red & did white polka dots and glued a little base on for the table. The stools are little wooden knobs I painted. Perfect table for fairies. The clothes line is just wire and plant markers. The Tutu’s are ribbon. I really like the tiny clothes pins. I made a grill from an idea I seen on pinterest from Dollarstorecrafts from a plastic gumball machine. I planted a miniature hosta for now.