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1000.00 Gift Card from an Online Offer !

Woohoo in the last two weeks i’ve received 2000.00 from Online offers i’ve completed.Ever get those offers you think is a scam that says win a 500.00 gift card? Well, that’s what these are. Before you jump on the first offer you come across. You need to learn about the companies that are out there. Some of them are scams. You have to be careful. I read a ton about these before I started. A great resource is

This offer I did with Ideal an diy offer company. I have found them to be very easy to work with. They always answer my questions. This deal required me to sign up with 8 of their offers and I ended up having to do 13. Several of my offers didn’t credit. I inquired about them and received the standard reply “they are not responsible for the crediting of offers” Lately the offers have been few and far between. Many of them require referrals which I don’t do. Overall it was an easy one with quick results. Last week I received a 1000.00 check from Nuitech. It was not as easy. I had to provide proof after proof to them. I’m still expecting a 250.00 bonus from Ideal. Typically these come later than the original gift.

Online Offers 1000.00 Check !

I received a 1000.00 check today ! From an online offer I completed with Nuitech. This was was a chore. I had to send so much documentation to them. It also cost me more than I normally spend. I think I spent around 300.00. It’s still a 700.00 profit. I had to go back and forth several times providing proof to them that I completed the offers. If you haven’t read about online offers before you can check out a great resource Since I have started doing these offers I’ve earned around 5000.00. Also I got a wii and wii fit for 50.00 doing an offer.