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Toadstools !

I made these today ! 1.00 each for the little stumps! 3.27 for a can of spray paint. My mom knew I was looking for the perfect sized wood pieces. She went to a Garage Sale and spotted them in the persons wood pile and asked if she could buy them :). I used little vinyl polka dots to make the circles. I sprayed the tops white first then put the polka dots on. I sprayed red next and when it dried I peeled off the vinyl stickers. The tops were originally stools that were in the basement collecting dust. I love them.

I Love Spray Paint !

Some of my thesholds in my house are an ugly gold.We’re installing some new floors and I didn’t want to buy new ones. I finally found Oil Rubbed Bronze Spray Paint. I sprayed two coats on.Now they look brand new ! I also painted my floor vent. Here’s a sneak peak at my new floors surounding the vent.I have lots more spray painting to do.