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Valentine’s Day R2D2 Box

My son & I made R2D2 for his Valentine’s Day party at school. I bought a white tub & a set of bowls at the family dollar. He decorated it with tape and a button & caps. Added a light on the top. We found finger lights in the dollar section and that’s what we used for the lights.   He wanted wheels! I happened to have a set so he rolls ! We just hot glued them in.His legs we cut out of cardboard and covered it in tape. It was a big hit & he is still playing with it.

There’s a Mouse in our House

The Mouse in our House decided to do some remodeling. New wallpaper & carpet just in time for the babies to move in ! They had  a boy and a girl. There’s also a motion sensor light that comes on & can be turned on by remote. I used a Mr. Beams light.They are wireless and battery operated. I love them. It was the perfect solution for this area. You can see what I did to make this area here.mouse in our house1mouse in our house2MOUSE IN OUR HOUSE3MOUSE IN OUR HOUSE4MOUSE IN OUR HOUSE5